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Official Guides’ Association

for Tourism

in Castilla-La Mancha

The APIT Castilla-La Mancha Association brings together the majority of official guides of the various provinces of the region. Its main goal is to accompany visitors in a unique and professional way through our richly historical, artistic and architectural heritage.

Wherever you are in Castilla-La Mancha, you will find an official, qualified and professional guide that will help you deeply discover our heritage and roots.

Official Guide Graduates

All members of our Association are qualified via the Official Guide for Tourism license, a basic and essential authorisation required in order to practice the profession.

Quality of Service

The academic training of all our members and the annual refresher courses conducted by the association make the quality of our service a nation-wide benchmark and a key rule for all of us.


There are more than 40 years behind us as an association. If experience is an advantage, we really have a lot of it, which complements our daily work.


Ranging from private to specialised tours – including groups of all kinds – our effort is always directed towards the visitor regardless of origin or knowledge level, so that they may capture the essence of the city and of each and every monument they are interested in.

Our guided tours

Come to Castilla-La Mancha to discover it! Discover its impressive monuments, historical heritage, natural landscapes, its cuisine and its people. Immerse yourself in a region full of riches in a way that is accurate and true, pleasing and professional, all with our official guides!






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La Mancha